Visa / MasterCard Deposits

For the first time in the history of online gaming, players from around the globe can now deposit to play to win using their major credit and debit cards! Kings Castle Casino has partnered with the solution team at Changelly which allows our players to use all major credit/debit cards such as VISA/MASTERCARD to name a few.

The process cannot get any easier! Simply enter the amount of your deposit, click to pay using your debit or credit card, it's that simple! Done! Your debit/credit card payment has now been converted into crypto and has been deposited into your casino player’s account! Yes, it is that easy!

How would I withdraw my winnings?

Our players have dozens of options in how they can withdraw (cash out) their winnings. Our highly recommended method is the use of Cash App as it has the capability of transferring funds from your bank account and converting it to your bitcoin wallet account and of course, vice versa!

Please see example:

Winnings from Kings Castle are sent to your Cash App bitcoin wallet, the player then transfers his or her winnings from the Cash App directly to their bank account. It's that easy! Takes less than 60 seconds to convert your winnings from Kings Castle Casino to your bank account!

Who is ready to deposit and Play?

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